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In this video, I have performed Nokia 7 Plus Gaming Review in Hindi. Watch the complete video to learn whether it has some heating issues or not.

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  1. I hear about Nokia while playing PUBG its heats up and multi touch did not work is it right?
    Kia ye jb heat hota h to Pubg main multi touch kam ni krta ?

  2. Bhai room temperature hi 30°c hai toh mobile ka Suru mein 34 hona koi badi baat nhi hai …..Rahi baat 47 ki toh high graphic mein plus full brightness mein ye hona lazmi hai …..even flagship smartphones bhi in condition mein approx 45 tk toh jata hi hai

  3. Bro ager heating ka koi bara ishoo hotaa too yee mobile ziada heat hone ka wajha see hang hota or bettery bhi ziada kata aluminum ki wajha say ziada heat hota hay it's very small problem

  4. Mujhe 2 month hi gye pubg khelte Ko..koi issue nhi hai….battery 3800 k hisab se utne ashi nhi hai.its like 3000 mah….sound quality bhut vdia.hai….overall phone is good…. battery ka thoda sa..jyada nhi thoda sa issue hai.. bai pubg ka setting mai ja k frame set kro fer nhi hota heat….

  5. Thanks Mr.Techy for this video…
    I am going through all the videos related to Nokia 7 Plus that are available from verified tech review channels… This video has helped me to frame my opinion to go for this device…
    This video did gave me a good insight about the performance of the phone (although I am not into much of gaming and use my current phone mainly for photo editing)…

    Thanks again… For this video, as well as the detailed video review of Nokia 7 Plus in another video…

  6. it means Nokia ka ye wala phone bhi #Bkwas nikla, after a long time achhe specifications ke saath isko achha khna shi baat hai, lekin heating issue? its a biggest problem! Nokia Please phone bnane bnd kr do!

  7. Dude are you serious ? I play PUBG 2hrs straight in my Nokia 7+ it'll never gets overheating max temp 42°C after 2 hrs gameplay 26% battery drain usually i play in recommended medium settings.. don't know how you got that much heat? might be max settings i think so..even flagship phones can't handle max settings..

  8. May be u have a defective piece i haven't seen this issue
    But while charging it heats up but any phone will heats up during rapid charging

  9. Jo log bolte hai heating issues nhi hai, wo log Medium me khelte hai.

    Seriously Medium(Balanced mode) me kuch khaas heating nhi hoti.

    But HIgh(HD mode) me zrur hogi, coz it is not a flagship with copper heat dissipation.
    Baaki pure Metal build 😀

    But i like Nokia 7+ very much.
    the fact that a Mid Range device playing PubG in HD mode while giving flagship like smoothness.
    Less than 20k mid range phones can't do that. They have to play it in Medium for smooth experience.