Nokia 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A8+ Speed Test Comparison !

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Nokia 7 plus vs samsung galaxy a8+ speedtest comparison…which is faster, we are doing a quick speedtest between these two smartphones by opening side by side same apps at the same time..see who wins…
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  1. no offence.
    the opening of the video is bad, don't like it.
    the video transitions is bad, very bad, doesn't sync with the music.
    the music sounds like GTA San Andreas, why are you choosing this kind of music for your video background music?.

    these are some inputs for you, i still leave a thumbs up, have a nice day.

  2. No comparison between chinese(HMD Goobal) Nokia vs Samsung (Afterall Brand Values) And Samsung has some uniq features like SAmloed Panel, Samsung Pay, Water and Dust Resistance. Enough reasons to buy, slight speed difference doesn't matter.