Nokia 8 – Form and Function

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The Nokia 8 is a powerful creative tool, designed to excel in everyday life. Hear Alasdair Mcphail and Raun Forsyth talk about the design details of the new smartphone and how for them, slim never means weak. To find out more: 


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  1. I bought nokia 8 1,5 mounts ago. Very good device with powerful CPU , fast charging, beautiful design, pure android with fast uptdates , camera is very good with ZEISS optic. Thanks nokia! ?

  2. Regardless camera everything is best in nokia 8 ie graphics silm sleek speed beautifully designed everything is just best even ozo is working best bit what happened with nokia while choosing camera. they say they are going to hunt market again with these kind of useless camera devices. All fingers down except one for nokia 8.

  3. Zeiss? Nokia should show some piece of shame by placing that kind of worst camera in 2017 in flagship kind of device.
    Camera is just worst as much it can ever be.

  4. I Love the Nokia 8! That's one stunning looking phone plus I love the dual sight camera mode with livestreaming and its 13mp zeiss optics camera with dual lens technology. and also the organic formation of the design of the sleek aluminium body design is what I love best of all!!

    Well done Nokia
    And well done to Nokia 8 too!!