Nokia 8 in 2018, Worth to Buy ? After 100 Days Review !

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Nokia 8 the current flagship offered by Nokia & HMD. Launched in 2017 with complete stock android, how is the device performing and holding up in 2018. Lets find out.

Nokia 8 Ozo vs Blue Mic :
Nokia 8 Unboxing :

Nokia 8 Android 8.1.0 :
Nokia 8 Android 8.0.0 :

Nokia 8 vs Pixel 2 XL :
Nokia 8 vs OnePlus 5 :


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  1. My Battery only gives me 19 hours at the most. I use black screen otherwise it is only 17 hours. Only 2 Apps are set to run (phone and messages), I would not recommend it.

  2. My mobile got some problems mobile in normal mode but speakers no working in incoming call notifications screenlock sound not working if i reset means it will working and i attend the call it automatically play her voice in speakerphone but the speakerphone is off in mobile really un satisfied worst product

  3. I found it new for 319 us dollars? Should i just go for it ? Or there's something faster and better with the same price ? And i dont care about camera, plz help

  4. I appreciate your effort but this is a very biased review. An AMOLED screen is not necessarily better than an IPS one, and 5.3" is perfectly large while also helps to get a better grip and higher pixel density. It's like a complete tech nerd if someone simply thinks that a larger or amoled display is certainly better.