Nokia 8 Sirocco Review – Form over function

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The Nokia 8 Sirocco is HMD’s attempt at a true Nokia flagship. It has the premium build quality, curved screen, and decent specs to suit. But can it compete with the likes of Samsung?

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  1. this phone makes me scream… it has pretty much everything i want except the storage situation… 128 is pretty paltry especially for this kind of money… if it was 256 i would seriously consider buying it

  2. No headphone jack, no 60fps video, dodgy video stabilization….. these things matter a lot at this price. Acceptable shortcomings (except headphone jack omission) at $200, definitely unacceptable for any phone costing more than $300….. And, I will always say this, Apple and all other manufacturers who follow are WRONG to try and kill the headphone jack.

  3. For me looks are not an issue but the gosh dang phone needs to have basic features and if charging flagship prices I am looking for flagship features. This phone is nit he current SD, no headphone jack and just too many little bugs to decide on it over its 'older' brother the Nokia 7 Plus.

  4. Damn, why oh why did these guys get rid of the headphone jack?!?! The things I look in a phone.. Must haves: Great build quality, USB type-C, Wireless Charging, Headphone jack, great camera, Stock Android. There is nothing in the market that does this. Now I'm stuck with a Galaxy S9 (as it is most closely matches my list) and I hate all the bloatware it comes with. :-/ If the Pixel 3 would come with a headphone jack, that's what I would switch to. Or hey, Maybe the Nokia 9 would be the answer to my dreams.

  5. I was really torn between this and the Pixel 2 XL, but considering that the cameras seem a bit of a letdown, I think I'll go with the Pixel.
    It's such a shame because I absolutely love the design and form factor of this Nokia, it's such a unique phone.

  6. Nice video!
    Can you do another video on it like to see if Nokia done any sofe wear update to fix any of the problems you was talking about. That help so much before I buy it. I really want to get though..

  7. This review surprises me, cause I really loved the camera in the Nokia 1040, the only thing that kept me from using that phone as a phone was the fact that it did not have Android. Now they finally make an Android phone, and turns out it's not as good as the one they made for Windows 🙁

    Anyways, thanks for this review, it was very well done and I appreciate all the pros and cons you listed.