Nokia 9 PureView Camera Test after 3 Months (With Updates)

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Here is my 3 Month experience with the Nokia 9 Pureview. I never did a Nokia 9 Pureview Review and alot of people were asking me to look at the Nokia 9 Camera so here is my ups and downs with this camera after 3 months. This camera has the potential to be one of the Best Smartphone Cameras in 2019 but there are a few downsides that go along with an incredible RAW Photography experience with its 5 lens camera setup. If you want to see a full Nokia 9 review or a more in depth full Nokia 9 Pureview review let me know. What camera would you like to see with a Nokia 9 Camera comparison or Nokia 9 Camera Test with? Let me know what you think about the Nokia 9 Pureview Camera Samples along side JPEGS and RAW images.

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This video is made in partnership with HMD Global. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Do we need 5 Cameras on the back for a good photography experience? It is unique though the approach HMD implemented on this Nokia 9 Pureview. What do you think?

  2. how does the phone respond to the user commands? how long for exp needs the phone to load google maps or open chrome and load page content or open Instagram and load pics? I have Galaxy s7 and its killing me bc its so slow on respons

  3. nokia a shit. fck them. i remember many years ago bought that crap pos bh 221, the display faded after a few days 😂 never ever bought anything named nokia.

  4. Danny ? Any chance for another, more current review ?
    Many people are curious at to how the updates have changed this phone. Thus making it better, worse or more of the same ?
    Does not have to be a proper review, even just your impressions, should you still have the phone.
    Thank you. Stay safe, remain cuatious, stay healthy!

  5. concerning the 'long processing' issue: I think I would approach the camera use as if I was shooting a 36 exposures roll of analog film. Meaning I will be very selective in my shot choice. I know this is completely contrary to the modern age zest for speed , yet being critical about one's choices and slowing down may very well pay off, resultwise.

  6. nice review dude!unlike the other review i watched, it didnt explain much re this 5 camera functions and how it works,new suscriber here.thanks!

  7. While the phone is great, I can't help but compare it with LG since LG is another forgotten manufacturer. It has great manual settings and can also take RAW images. However, in addition, it also provides great audio.