Nokia 9 PureView – Explore every detail

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Five cameras. Endless possibilities. Carved out of machined aluminum, the new Nokia 9 PureView sports five 12 MP cameras that work in unison to deliver superb dynamic range by capturing details and textures from highlights and shadows.

Choose your details. Using depth mode, Nokia 9 PureView can identify over 1,200 layers to build a detailed depth map, allowing you to re-focus your shots later in Google Photos.

Loaded with Android 9 Pie, Nokia 9 PureView is as efficient as it is powerful. With the new Nokia 9 Pureview, it’s time to awaken your inner pro.


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  1. The Camera Design look like A Person who have a diseases hole Kind of, Its just look so horible. Why Nokia why u have Lost the taste?

  2. Im bought a second 808 on 30august2020.but im not impressed with the image quality when it is zoom to see its depth clearity.
    It was waste of money which i bought in Rs.5000

  3. How the mighty has fallen. I'd rate my Lumia and E71 well above the current gen ones. Not one device is worth it especially in India. Pathetic and horror stories of after sales service. 9PV has got the worst sales and reviews of any flagship phone ever.

  4. still nokia 808 is way more better than this. nokia 808 is still 3 or 4 more years ahead from this time. please use camera like nokia 808. not 5 camera. we want just a best camera not 5 or more camera. useless system.

  5. Nokia (specifically this phone) holds a special place in my heart for connecting me to my loved ones when I was lonely and making memories to remember the best times

  6. I've seen/read several leaks and rumors about Nokia 9.3 PureView. Please, will you clarify until July (when Nokia 8.3 5G arises) if those leaks and rumors were true or false? At this point, Nokia 8.3 5G is your flagship of 2020, but you risk to sell less, because some people (me included) are willing to wait extra 3-6 months for your presumed flagship of 2020.

  7. I am watching this video with my Nokia 9 pureview. Thank you Nokia for creating the most powerful smartphone that will beat apple and Samsung I really love my Nokia 9 pureview

  8. Hello I am here because I am a big fan of Nokia I have been trying for a long time to contact you because I was in the mood to do a job here promoting your products In Brazil I need your help with sponsorship because at the moment I lack conditions

  9. Nokia was once famous, but with the advent of new companies Nokia disappeared without a stunning achievement Under the digital challenges it will be difficult to get out into the competition again But there is a solution to get out of the monotonous distress to the usual business, provided that a lot of profits are waived in order to restore the name of Nokia again…
    -The phone should have cubic edges and not a concave
    -It should be launched entirely in gold or chrome color, and has a battery capacity of not less than 4500
    -It must include a high-resolution (projector) with high-quality and high-resolution audio
    -The screen should be Android Instead of the laptop style and that's not desirable
    -High Speed ​​Software  Cooling regulator The screen is highly efficient And a huge capacity
    -The screen captures the entire scene of the phone from the front, followed by a button to return at the bottom And have a phone that includes a return button And another phone without a button to return As per customer's desire
    -The phone should have a multicolor that you can read amazing when shooting video and photos
    -Include software for photography enthusiasts And install software capable of making movies wonderfully
    -To be installed in it a special application for Nokia reserved intellectual property means to know all over the world to chat voice and image in super quality The rest of the phones are prohibited And that Adds absolute privacy
    -Screen should not be specialized The front end should be displayed as a complete display without obscuring any part of it
    -Finally The company must sacrifice profits now in the crowd of competing companies Until they recover And those are business acumen Because the market is unstable and is going through historical turns.

    I hope that what I hope will be achieved and that I will get your phone from your company because I trust Nokia

    Ali suroor