Nokia 9 PureView HONEST REVIEW – After All The Updates

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A detailed review on the Nokia 9 PureView including the positives and negatives of the 5 camera smartphone. Includes screen, battery, camera and more. Subscribe for more ►►► ✩ FOLLOW on Instagram –

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  1. Note: WATCH THIS VIDEO COMPLETELY. For those commenting I only mentioned negatives, that’s not the case. The Nokia 9 PureView offers some incredible camera capabilities but the delays in processing and other elements that make this phone lag are not going to appeal or be right for mass market. Only for those serious photographers.

  2. Not sure why some people are being snarky. While I think there is a lot more that could be said on this phone, I found this review to be very valuable. Thank you!

  3. i really liked your semi informal format and am GLAD to have come by your channel.

    hope you get more recognition and if needed (though i don't really adore them) make the (semi fakish) glossy videos for you to be pickrd up by more viewers snd get pre-launch invites snd review pieces from big brands.

    your style and matter of factness is something i could have tsken help from to decide between the Pixel4a, Cheapish Nord2020 and a mid range iPhone for gifting to a senior citizen family member (who are presently on Samsung basic phones like A50 et al)

  4. Don't buy a Nokia .
    Nokia will make you mentally sick.
    Nokia is not good for your mental health .
    If you want satisfaction buy Xiaomi or other brands .

  5. Nice looking phone and the camera is great, BUT I have experiences a number issues which make the phone unusable. Firstly Wifi – I have a wifi router that gives options of both 2.4 and 5 GHS. The phone may choose to connect, but not often, but standing next to the router it should connect to either. I have other phones and they connect happily. Then there is the mobile data, it can work ok, but not to the point of being able to rely on it. So, I bought a prepay data pack for those days when I could use it. I use my Nokia 7 for my monthly data pack. Starting the phone can take a while, sometime an hour. It usually starts up and turns off continuously until it either runs out of power or decides to connect. Plugging into the charger worked once. I have tried soft and factory resets, which change nothing. When the phone is turned off the clock seems to go off as well. As for processing – I don't mind waiting, I've grown used to that. I took it back to the shop and they said there is nothing wrong and that if I brought it back again they would send it to Nokia which could take weeks and although its only two weeks old I would probably be charged because there is noting wrong with the phone.

  6. Yo compré este modelo y quedó decirles que no pierdan su dinero, es una basura :/ se queda pegado, la cámara es reeelenta, se sale de aplicaciones y un sin fin de malos ratos, NO LO COMPREN

  7. I can saw this online for just under AUD600 that's why I just look at reviews of this phone .. So after 11 months are there any good updates for this phone to be worthwhile buying at discounted price please?! Or I should go for RealMe x3 Superzoom instead please?!

  8. I hope nokia makes an updated flagship phone. I’d buy one in a heartbeat tbh. I’ve never heard of this phone, and I’m not buying an old android phone…but I’d buy a current one!

  9. its RAW images on your phone… goodness gracious. 1000+ dislikes. at least 1000 people know what they're actually talking about. get an iphone if you want fast processing time. lol and get your filters from instagram lol

  10. I just want to let you know that after days of wait, I got the Marvelous Nokia 9 pureview.

    My impressions??? It is an astonishing cripple device. To much head, medium brain, few neurons, no arms and long legs. What on earth were you guys thinking when you launched this phone? Unable to connect to 5G, fast as turtle. memory? My granny has more memory than this artifact even though she suffers Alzheimer. Slippery as an used condom, trust me I don't put vaseline on my hands.
    So, would you like to compete on the market again? Do as the original Nokia did, the 3 key factors………where are they now? Homework before 2021.? I'm still believing in dinosaurs.

  11. I don't understand all of the negativity surrounding this phone. I actually really like it, especially after the release of Android 10. It's a pure Android experience, the photos I have taken with it are simply brilliant, better than my Samsung Note 10 or even my Nokia 1020.
    Though still not as good as my Nokia 808 as that phone still continues to blow me away with it's photos, especially now that I've recently installed a custom ROM on it, Delight OS 1.7. Which has turned the 808 into a modern device that is actually useable and extremely fast. Though the modified Camera app is the real gem, I can now even take full, RAW, 42MP photos as the photo app is now capable of using the entire sensor, which by the way is still the largest ever put into a phone, even Samsung's, Xiaomi's new, joint venture 108MP sensor.

    Coming back to the the Nokia 9, it's not a perfect phone but still a damn good one. Especially at the price of $500 which is what I paid for mine. Also, something no one has commented on, the thing is practically indestructible, I'm serious, I've dropped mine many times without so much as a scratch on it. All I have on it is a protective screen and a skin from Skinomi.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the new Nokia 9.2 Pureview as well, with 8GB of RAM, a Qualcomm 865 and an updated camera module, it should be an awesome phone. printer and FlashForge 3D printer connected to mine. Try doing that with an iPhone. In fact we laugh at iPhone users as it can't do even a 10th of what we are doing on out Notes. The iPad Pro is a different story, as it has some pretty fantastic apps.