Nokia 9 PureView Review: Trust The Process(ing)

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Nokia has always reserved the name “PureView” for phones that push the boundaries of photography. When it launched in 2012, the original 808 PureView packed a then-giant 41-megapixel sensor that made digital zoom useful for the first time. And the PureView Lumia phones that followed spent years just slaying everyone else when it came to low light photos, while also introducing Optical Image Stabilization to the mainstream.

The newest PureView comes from a new Nokia, and it tackles a new angle. This is the Nokia 9 PureView. Its mission: to bring some of the depth and dynamic range of professional still cameras to the smartphone world, without the cost and the bulk. When it succeeds, it produces photographs that ooze character, with an authenticity you won’t get from any other phone. But just like you don’t get money for nothin’… you don’t get these clicks for free. Join me for the Nokia 9 PureView review!



MrMobile’s Nokia 9 PureView review was produced following 18 days with a Nokia 9 PureView review device provided by HMD Global. The device was running build number 00WW_4_19A and received one software update during the review process. A second update is promised to address the camera sluggishness and crashing issues, but was not delivered by presstime.


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  1. I have only just purchased the Nokia 9 Pure View, really for its still photography. I am late considering its been out quite a while.
    I have had professional level DSLR, mirroless camera before, and I still have one. I am not a professional, but an enthusiast, my knowledge of photography is adequate, but not extensive. I was looking for something light to carry I'm my pocket, but at the same time, does not take a massive performance hit.
    I am to tell, this is the finest smartphone camera I have ever used, and not by a small margin either. I have several smartphones, and I have what many people call the king of smartphone cameras now, Huwai P40 Pro, which is the second best camera on any smartphone I have used.
    Back to the Nokia 9 Pure View, I am in awe of it's capability. Purely as a smartphone, it's other features, I don't think it's in the race, hence my purchase of the Huwai P40 Pro. And I acknowledge that it's processing of images is slow, buggy type of camera app, and for outdoor night photography their are better options. And I realize this is not for your average smartphone user, who is neither a professional or enthusiast, better options for them too. But looking purely from a point of view of photography, hard core photographers, who are willing to use its settings to its full potential, and are okay with post processing on the phone, or better still on your computer in Photoshop, Lightroom or any other software, this is a no brainer. The images this camera produces, it's dynamic range, the way it keeps a lot of information in its shadows and highlights is really impressive. I have had a medium format digital camera, sometimes I feel it even edges past that. I am no way saying it compares with full frame, or medium format camera, with their high quality sensors, lenses and the ability to actually change the aperture. But for a smartphone, this is beyond my expectations, it's beautiful. And the ability to take good quality Raw images, and truly actual monochromatic images in the raw format, due to its triple monochromatic sensors! I think apart from the Leica Monochrome professional camera, I don't think there is a another digital camera with this ability, even among dedicated high end cameras. But to have this in a smartphone is impressive.
    I really hope Nokia releases the next version of this smartphone, updated and all the places were this falls short improved, whilst keeping the same photography concept of this camera, several sensors working together for jaw dropping results, and I hope the dedicated monochromatic sensors, with the ability to shoot black and white photos in Raw and Jpeg remain.
    Nokia, you really have something to be proud of, I would really like to see an improved version of this soon.

  2. Have to say I'm progressing through your videos like water through a sifter. Brilliant well made content with eloquent dialogue and information with no fluff.
    Nokia fan boy at heart and hope to see the next iteration of this or another high end offering from the brand.

  3. Nokia needs to bring that awesome 41 MP camera setup in its Android vs instead of putting bunch of cameras and work on image processing like Google pixel .

  4. A bit more than a year after this review, the price for this phone has been reduced drastically and you can get a brand new Nokia 9 for a bit less than 300 dollars (got mine a month ago for 280). With such a price tag and all the software updates the phone got in between (Android 10, security patches, camera fixes, fingerprint sensor which is much more accurate now… though not perfect yet), it makes it worthier to own than what it was when first released last year. Just my 2 cents :=))…

  5. Hello, I'm watching this video at one year age and i think watch this video one again after 1 year and why not you making Nokia 9 preview review 2020 perhaps there something get improve now by os update

  6. Never thought Nokia would ever have a flagship phone. Good to see they're getting back on their feet – I own a 7.2 and loving it so far.

  7. I've seen this phone online closer to the $240-300 price point. I'd rather get a OnePlus os Xiaomi device for that price, but if cameras are important, it's not a bad pick up if you want a phone with more powerful hardware than the Pixel 3a (Pixel 4 a is coming so that might make a difference). Nokia has some of the fastest software updates besides Google as well.

  8. I have this phone
    It’s decently snappy, and unlimited photos storage was a godsend. But the finger print sensor is annoying
    Sure its a bit expensive
    And it crashed and missed some important shots
    BUT JESUS DO THE PHOTOS LOOK GOOD, stupidly sharp, dramatic just beautiful, perfect lighting.

  9. So mr mobile a year has pass from this phone and the price has dropped eventually, is it still worth the buy, or go for like the s20 plus, or the ultra, or the the new MI 10 PRO ??? What do you suggest ??

  10. If Nokia didn't sell their brand to Chinies I'm sure that there QWERTY KEYPAD, OS AND UI, AND CAMERA PERFORMANCE WOULD ALWAYS BE ON TOP OF EVERY PHONE IN THE WORLD

  11. very good review thanks a lot, have you checked Sony ones, I m bored from samsung phones, I may get sony or nokia, after this possibly it ll be sony though

  12. Mr. Fisher, you are the pioneer in the reviewing field. I am viewing your reviews since I first bought Nokia Lumia 920, after watching your review. By the way, "Money for Nothing" was a nice touch.

  13. This phone has dropped in price dramatically, in Australia we can buy this phone for as cheap as AU$551 (US$381) which includes a Nokia warranty, not a grey import.
    Now it's been 9 months since this phone has come out, hopefully Nokia has addressed a lot of the software issues, if so then this phone becomes a really good mid-ranger instead of an overpriced flagship. I like Nokia phones, so does JerryRigEverything, he consistently talks about the build quality and the repairability of all Nokia phones.