Nokia 9 Pureview vs Samsung Galaxy S10 – Speed Test!

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Speed Test of New Nokia 9 Pureview. It may run an older processor but don’t count it out against Exynos Galaxy S10!


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  1. Thank you very much for this test. I am currently planning on buying the Nokia 9 PV and this made me more confident in my choice.
    Indeed the SD845 is hell of a fast SoC, the only place where we could see speed improvements with the SD855 i think is in the RAW image processing for the N9. It would've made the phone even better.

  2. I actually like Nokia, cause ya Samsung is good in technology but it gets damaged by everyday use and finally after a year it gets completely destroyed. So it costs a lot but don't survive for not even 2 year. That's very disappointing. I had 4 Samsung mobiles and they all got destroyed after 1-1.5 year. I had a Samsung Galaxy J7 prime and the power button got destroyed. And the phone lags continuously. So annoying. My cousin had a Samsung tab, it was visited the service center for more than 4 times in 2 years. So bad mobile company ever. My aunt had a Samsung QLED 4K smart TV and it was burned 4 times and the back cover got destroyed. It's the worst company ever made in the history.

  3. Nokia is slaying it in the andriod game. Their new phones are so underrated ahahahah. I have a note 9 and perfer it for things like the S pen, but that Nokia is still better than a lot of phones. Nokia was actually late to the Smartphone game, but man did they come out with gold ahahah. If I didn't know about the S10 I might have gotten that nokia for a replacement for my not turning on s7.

  4. Samsung Ka sabse ghatiya phone Hain isme hang Samsung hang bhut hota Hain Samsung se ghtiya set aj tak nhi Bana Hoga ye hang hota Samsung Lena to 2000swala lo nhim to ro. Is Nokia brand is best Nokia is superpower phone best