Note 20 Ultra review: big phone, small updates

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 has nearly every top-end spec you could ask for on an Android phone, including a massive 6.9-inch high refresh rate 120Hz screen. The camera system fixes what was wrong with the S20 Ultra. And Samsung Notes is …really good? It’s really good, especially with the S Pen stylus.

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  1. When do we get a phone where the basic 26mm wide angle is not beaten by my rusty 2015 950XL or my even more ancient 2013 Lumia 1020? 11Pro: beaten by the 950XL, 30Pro, beaten, 40Pro, beaten, S20, beaten…. it goes on and on…. The choice of a 20MP non-quad-bayer was a very good one. Hope Sony can some day quit the quad-bayer mess they started.

  2. I have had all the Notes, and this year is no different. I have the Note 20 Ultra now… if you aren't going to take advantage of the pen, any other top tier phone will do. My other phone is a Mate 20X, so you know I appreciate à large phone.

  3. I agree on the colour balance of Samsung's flagship phones' cameras. Sometimes the saturation and the sharpening is very extreme. That hasn't been changed for years. I think it's ok that they want to make it their signature colour science but I wish they could add a "natural" colour profile.

  4. I buy my S20 Ultra on June 12 I am happy with my S20 Ultra but now I saw this beautiful Note 20 Ultra I love it should I buy this Note 20 Ultra now because I am waiting for my iPhone 12 pro max on November sale in Hong Kong

  5. I've been a heavy OneNote user for about 8 years now and use it a lot now on my iPad with the pencil to take notes. Is it possible to write small size text (1/4" high) in OneNote on this Note 20 Ultra phone with the S Pen? Seems like every example we see in videos are of very large text notes. My current phone is an iPhone 8+ but I don't see myself going with an Apple phone in the future since I like the fingerprint login over FaceID.

  6. Great review im an apple fanatics and thinking to try this samsung note 20 ultra but with your explanation about the new note 20 i just make up my mind not to 😄 thanks for a hinest to goodness review 🙏

  7. Im samsung user start from galaxy s3… then, note 4,note 4,note FE, n right now note9….. so far , samsung note phone help me a lot for my daily user n my job.. tq for SPEN

  8. I love all your videos, but this video doesn’t sit right with me. It seems as there was some bias against Samsung and I’m heavily invested into Apple. This is the first phone that reallllly makes me considering trading my Xs Max for.