Office 15-Minute Webinar: Office Mobile for Android phones

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We just released Office Mobile for Android phones. In this webinar, we’ll go over how to get started and how to access, view and edit Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Get the references and links for this Office 15-Minute Webinar at


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  1. When you saved the proposal doc, it saved as proposal (1), which indicates that is saved a 2nd version of the document, rather than updating the original.  Is that what happens?  How do I simply update the document already in the cloud?

  2. what is the presenters name?  He is a great teacher and communicator.  How to I find more of his videos on Office for Android and Microsoft products.

  3. Hey bud .
    Just a quick question.
    How do i transfer a downloaded microsoft xl file and put it on Microsoft xl without it been greyed out and unselectable .
    I have a free google play app Microsoft Excel from Microsoft.
    I wish to pick all columns from this file that will only high light searched numbers .
    Please help !