Official Huawei P20/ P20 Pro Smart View Flip Cover Review

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In today’s video we’ll be putting the Huawei Smart View Flip Cover through its paces. Available for the P20 and the P20 Pro, this case is easily the best option out there.

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  1. Does the cover in some way attach to the screen? It doesnt seem like the cover has something to keep the he cover closed. Or let me ask that differently. If your phone falls, can the cover open during the fall, and thus damage the screen when the phone hits the floor?

  2. Arghhh, i am so angry that i cannot control spotify with this case. I can only default music player. And also that notifications….

  3. Can anybody tell me how to setup the weather widget? It's shown on the main screen, but i can't see the weather when the cover is closed, just time, date and steps…, don't know what's wrong… THX

  4. I have the cover and it doesn't work good. The transparant part of the cover (the place where you see the time etc.) isn't clear, it's difficult to see the time and datum. Does someone know what I have to do?

  5. Is it ok that my cover isn't completely adherent to the smartphone when closed? I'm still able to see magnet information in the right part of display, but they're a bit blurry and I need to actively press the cover on the display to perfecly view them