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Official Samsung Clear View Cover for the Galaxy S8

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  1. I have this case and although I love it you didn't cover at all that the AOD gets disabled when using this case. You kept reopening the cover which reactivates the screen but after a few seconds the display goes out regardless if you have AOD enabled. Yes, if you activate the phone you can see it through the cover but it is not AOD. Huge thumbs down to Samsung for again denying us AOD with these cases.

  2. I have the S-View Cover and the Always On Display function does not work with it.
    It over rides the AOD with its own display which turns off after 30 seconds or so.

  3. This is funny.. All the videos on YouTube demonstrating about this clear view standing cover NO ONE EVER done the bending of front cover all the way to the back. Usually when using a phone u bend the front cover all the way to the back for better viewing, navigating, texting etc. I wonder what's the problem why no one ever done that. Haha.

  4. thanks for highlighting that it doesnt protect that well

    do you know a good case for looks but also good protection against falling?