Older iPhones $29 Battery Replacement, Battery Health Info | Samsung & LG Don’t Slow Older Phones

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Older iPhones NOW GET $29 Battery Replacement, Battery Health Info | Samsung and LG Don’t Slow Older Phones | Galaxy S9 Exynos


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Apple to Offer $29 iPhone Battery Replacements, More Battery Health Info in iOS

Samsung and LG say they don’t slow phones with older batteries like Apple

Samsung will unveil Galaxy S9’s Exynos processor on January 4

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  1. $29 battery replacement another stupid grab and waste of money.SAMSUNG and LG don't slow older phones because android isn't stupid and they want the best for all customers even the people with phones from 2015 and years below

  2. I'm very suspicious of this whole thing with Apple and batteries. It feels like an elaborate piece of deception. It seems like they want some older iPhones recalled due to battery issues, and have somehow managed to find a way to charge a fee to get some of them back to change the battery, rather than just do a recall. It's all the shilling I've seen that raises my suspicion. I'm not liking how all the main tech channels appear to have used the same script, by saying that what Apple did wasn't so bad, just that they should have been more 'transparent'. Whatever is going on, it looks suspect.

  3. lol you can still buy the last flagship with removable battery and a quad dac, The LG V20 for about $300 on most carriers, or unlocked.
    A removable battery and back or great things to have, hopefully some one will do it again and get rid of glass backs, even if it gets rid of wireless charging.

  4. Is apple doing the right thing?

    On the battery issue now that its in the open: yes, I agree apple offering the battery replacement now at a cost thats low enough to say "why do it myself?" as you pointed out though, how fast is this $29 replacement…. they are gonna be packed trying to keep up with that for sure.

    Oddly of all things for apple to have a PR nightmare on, its something that makes sense for a consumer standpoint, ya know… if you let you consumers know you are doing it

  5. well now if you think about it apple slows down CPU performance to make battery life last longer but if you think about it LG, Samsung does not slow down phones but after time iPhones battery age longer compared to android phones and the good thing about iPhones is that you can get your performance back by changing the battery and it only takes one hour when you walk into an apple store and the parts are 100% original and is really hard to do that with android as there are not alot of officials samsung stores and you get more software updates with apple so apple has a great argument to come back at android ( im not a apple fan dont look at my profile pic its just a dare from my friend but only one more week untill i can go back to my samsung logo profile pic)

  6. I think it is the responsibility of the manufacture to fix/replace the battery, if the battery is in bedded and no matter how old the phone is for free, but not if it is removable.

  7. First of all, I am a samsung fanboy and I have a Samsung mid ranger that I absolutely love
    Samsung and LG just can’t slow down their phones, first of all they don’t need it since they put larger batteries (in the 3000 MAH range)
    Android is way harder to run than iOS and android phones naturally slow down, if they slowed the CPUS then all Android phones would become a laggy mess

  8. Apple please stop to brainwash!
    My IMac don't have any Battery since the last Update it's slow? Strange. I sold all the products from Apple today!
    Finish Apple!!!