Olixar Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Full Cover Glass Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review

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  1. This product is shit! Glue is only on outer edges so when something gets under the protector eg. grain of sand or any hard dust particle it will leave permanent mark on the device screen. Currently there is no full glue glass protectors for S8 so better stay on foil protectors and do not drop device.

  2. that looks like a great purchase,just wish i should of knew that sooner lol….i really hope this is just as good;
    Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case, FugouSell Water Resistant Dust/Dirt/Snow Proof Full-body Military Rugged Heavy Duty Protection Bumper Shell Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 5.8 inch – Black

  3. I disliked this video because of the fact he lied about it being responsive………. They just need to make a all in one case with glass screen protector the otter box thing but for this phone since I haven't see one out there yet for it.

  4. I have plans to buy samsung cleare led wiew cover how is it now with the screen protector some who have experience with it will the promise