On The Verge 001 clip: Android design versus Windows Phone and iOS

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Android design chief Matias Duarte talks with Joshua Topolsky about competing with Windows Phone and iOS — and how airport bathroom signage and cartoons might not be the best influences for a modern mobile operating system.

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  1. Even if you hate tech, it is worth watching to see Matias Duarte get threatened with a Silence of the Lambs' cellar pit.

    …on a somewhat related note, I'd definitely switch from iOS if Android 5 got the codename "Buffalo Bill"

  2. This is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. He's basically claiming they have a style guide, but it just boils down to "this is metro without an actual style guide" – embarrassing.

  3. @sinis2011
    Oh, please! Although the Windows 7 phone is a rather unique design, I just dont care for the tile system, its perfect for people with bad eye sight since the "icons" are so huge and for people who want a simple smartphone with no "wow" factor to it, to me its boring as sin.

  4. I'm an Android nut but have to say, metro UI id gorgeous. Even ICS has copied it a little in the people app. The new Android market even looks like the tile UI. My only problem is, one Windows phone looks just like the next Windows phone. I change the look of my S2 on a regular basis. Android does lack the polish n sheen of IOS and Mango but hopefully ICS will remedy that. Remember, the more competition, the better for me n you.

  5. @JohnnyBoy501 You will laugh at yourself after I tell you who he is. Joshua Topolsky, Co-owner and editor in chief of theverge dot com, former editor in chief of engadget, a very respected individual with years of experience in tech journalism. He ran the engadget show until recently, and has appeared many times on talk shows.

  6. Android's design is inspired by metro but, not a total rip off. There are elements which are unique to Android. Android's design is evolving with every release and is getting better and better. Android design is on par with iOS and windows phone. But, the feel of the all three OSes are different. I think Android has a more dynamic feel which is on par with WP.