OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus Full Comparison

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Let’s compare the OnePlus 5 vs the iPhone 7 Plus to find out which one of these smartphones is the better smartphone. OnePlus 5 was released in June 2017 while the iPhone in September 2016, and people are wondering which one is the better one.

So let’s do a full comparison and find out.

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  1. You said that the OnePlus 5 will win due to its higher RAM which it can't even utilize as the phone is less smooth, but you give it a draw on cameras when the iPhone clearly has better stabilization with higher resolutions? Yeah, no.

  2. In my opinion the display on the OP5 is better than the IPhone as shown in the videos on them. I also think you should have played a music on both of them for us to determine the sound and be able to judge too.

  3. I chose the iPhone 7 Plus, because i like iOS very much and I like the camera a lot better because i often Take videos, where the stabilisation is a lot better and the photos look more natural and are better in low light

  4. In terms of screen/display, my friend, OP5 is the clear winner.NOT A DRAW !
    Optic AMOLED screens with deeper blacks and higher intensities are way BETTER than those of LED backlit panels.
    I guess if your review's a biased one !

  5. Hhahahahah….how you can compare One Plus with Iphone 7+…..Bro..I admit one plus phones are good….but come on….comparing with iphone. No Way at all. Cheerz.

  6. iPhone is for rich people !!! these other android phones r trying to copy iPhone badly !!! dese androids r dor broke people who can't afford an iPhone

  7. One plus 5 over 7+ is
    -compact desgin
    -Headphone jack
    -cheaper price with 64GB stoarge
    -Faster fingerprint sensor
    -Super amoled screen
    -Dash charge 0-100% in 1H 23Mintues

    7+ over one plus 5
    -premimum desgin
    -better camera with bokha effect
    -IP67 dust and water resistance
    -Dual stero speakers
    -3D touch
    -Powerful GPU performance

  8. I own a one plus 5 and I am sure that it has 3D touch and water resistance too
    It has a better display and a better battery and that also at an extremely low price
    It's worth it

  9. if u buy any i phone 10 years back if it is still working in good condition u cant use bcoz new versions hit to market like andriods so instead of buying apple u can use any moto or vivo or one plus 5 this is 100 %correct

  10. Both are different platforms. Comparing them are not a wise decision. Iphone users won't switch to Android. Spending such a huge amount consider iphone first.