OnePlus 5 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test

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Speed test between the OnePlus 5 and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus to see which phone is faster, with the title of #phonebuffstyle speed test champ on the line!


OnePlus 5: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 + 8 GB of RAM
iPhone 7 Plus: Apple A10 Fusion + 3 GB of RAM


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  1. Well dude you just show small apps
    like Subway surfers
    you should show GTA San Andreas or Asphalt 8
    the apps you show in the test are small would be better If you were using bigger apps

  2. This is the fall of iPhones, it's not like i don't like iphones, i'm actually a fan of iPhone 6/6s but they lost all of the innovation without Steve Jobs. It's time to accept that. They've used the same design for 4 generations and when they make a new design they fucked it up with a notch. Even the Note 8 won iPhone 8 over the speed test as of October, 2017.

  3. lol the animations made the win super easy
    if the iphone had the same speed animations it would either be pretty close or a slight win for the iphone

  4. ""its sucks because you cant afford it"" – le apple fans
    i have 6+ and 6s+ on ios 11…..they suck balls compared to my oneplus 5.
    this fruit company is fucking scamming everyone.

  5. The point here is that One plus is considerably cheaper than the iPhone. You would think a more expensive phone will be faster and just better, but that isn't the case here. You can complain how the iPhone has 3gb of ram, and the one plus has 8, but how is that a valid complain? Both phones are fast, you can say that they are 1:1 in speed, but the price is very different. The only thing you get with the iPhone is their OS, as apps look the same. Buying a phone for just the background is like buying a more expensive car just for different seats.