OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Speed Test!

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OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Speed Test, Multitasking, AnTuTu Benchmark, Camera Speed, Web Browsing (Chrome), Design, Specs, Games Opening, Apps Opening, and more! 8GB black model of the OnePlus 5. 4GB model (USA) of the Galaxy S8+

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  1. In this speed test included boot up, games/apps opening, benchmark, camera speed, Chrome, fingerprint scanner, specs overview, and multitasking. Very impressed with OP5 given the price tag.

  2. Has the 1+5 a "back" and "multitasking" button like the S8 ?
    I mean it doesn't have on-screen buttons, but it seems like there only is a "home button".

    How does that work ?

  3. One plus 5 is fast phone but think again before purchasing, no accessories in the market, no water proof, 1080 display only, camera quality not so good, design is copied from apple, one plus customer care centers are disastrous, very expensive hardware and phone display, if you are mistakenly damage your phone, then there is no chance of repairing.

  4. Just because the OnePlus 5 opens apps 3 seconds faster than the S8 doesn't mean it's way better, even though because it is ugly and has big chances of problems. S8 is better, you didn't even count on Bixby. Some people hate Samsung so much that they use any Chinese cheap smartphone to critcsize it.

  5. I had been using all of the Samsung Galaxy phones up until last year, when I tried OnePlus 3. Frankly, I love Samsung's hardware and design. But after using my Oneplus 3 for a year, I would never go back to Samsung's phones. It is hard to explain in words. You just have to try it. OnePlus phones are like iPhones (in their world). Only much better! 🙂 They perfect the experience, without the features that are just great for marketing.