OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 – Quick Look

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Full comparison: | OnePlus 5 review:
We put the OnePlus 5 against Samsung’s current flagship offering, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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  1. With sales of the Samsung GS8 being down and Apple gaining more of Samsung's market share the One Plus 5 with its way better UI and the GS8 certain to begin bogging down in a few months makes for pitting a better value option over the over priced GS8. So if the I Phone 7 still the best phone out is just out of reach then the One Plus 5 definitely outclasses the GS8

  2. I showed this next to an S8 and asked my friend "which one is a real iPhone?" He said the HTC was. I said "trick question they're both knockoffs"I'm shocked at how ridiculous this plagiarism is getting.

  3. I want one of these phones. the upside with the Samsung is the camera mainly. I do really like the Oneplus 5 and really am thinking of buying it as it's only £390 from China. I currently have a Samsung S6 that's broke and really hate Touchwhiz.

  4. Now the price of Galaxy S8 just dropped to $575. is Galaxy S8 better than one plus 5 phone for $539? which one do you suggest base on the price dropped from Samsung?

  5. What do you think about brightness and white color of each display? I held both phones in my hands today, and it seemed that the op5 has a brighter display and more accurate white color (both phones on max brightness).

  6. I have the S8 and I'm probably looking to get a Oneplus instead. I bought it bc the whole hype of small bezel bullshit and honestly, the hardware is fantastic but the os is so shit and stutters all day. Def not worth it.