OnePlus 5T vs Google Pixel 2 – Speed Test!

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Battle of Stock Android Crown, OnePlus 5T 6GB vs Google Pixel 2 – Speed Test!

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  1. Such a biased review… use of the phrases: "I think the Pixel" "Pixel again"…. You know that 6-8GB or RAM is going to prolong the life of that OnePlus in terms of handling anything it the future operating systems throw at it.
    The camera crap is such garbage nowadays. IT'S A PHONE. If you go drop over $500 for a phone just for the camera *cough* all iphone users… Just go buy a DSLR

  2. If you are on a tighter budget the Oneplus is gonna be an easy choice, however if you have the funds REAL android purists are going to get the pixel

  3. Hi, can you channel video as a material to profit?Many Chinese authors at bilibili in China use your video as a monetization project