OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X SPEED Test!

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Ultimate OnePlus 5T Speed Test vs iPhone X! How Fast Is The New OnePlus 5T? Real World Speed Test & Benchmarks.

Note 8 vs iPhone X Speed Test:


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  1. I don’t know about iphone x but ram management is worst. Compared it to my 6s and 6s doesn’t close much apps as X does. This is inconsistency on apple devices. What a bugger! Nice design but worst internally.

  2. The only reason the iphone wins in the first round is cuz it kills the apps so compared to android which keeps them processing in the background

  3. Apple may have the best display and animations but it drains too much battery because it's QuadHD not like Oneplus 5t on the other hand only carries 1080p.

    Huawei Mate 9 user here btw! But totally considering Oneplus 5t ?

  4. You always put the 4K video in there to give Apple the edge. Literally nobody does that. Ever. Apple gets shredded every single time without that.

  5. This video shows exactly why benchmarks should not be everything when you are considering a new phone. Pretty much everything tested throughout the video was faster on the OnePlus even though it had lower benchmarks. Great video!

  6. I don't use iPhones and really never have but from what I've seen and heard, iPhone X only beats OP5T at features, camera including 4K video, and speakers. I'm an androider for life.

  7. Interesting. Now, I would like to see a test of privacy on these phones. How much does Google have stored on their servers about me, and how much is that on Apple's side. I know, it's not about these phones but about their eco-systems. And that's what keeps me from using an OS from Google. They already know way too much about me.