OnePlus 6 6gb vs 8gb Speed Test Surprising Results!

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Some very interesting results but if you got to choose. It has to be the 8gb version easily.

Pixel 2/2xl vs OnePlus 6 camera comparison will be coming up very soon! Subscribe, thumbs up, hit the bell icon and I’ll see you guys in the next one.


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  1. Other videos don't show the same results or issues as in this video…. so which one to believe? Samsung S9 has 4 and + has 6GB, iPhone X even less. So in reality, with issues ironed out, how bad can 6GB really be, now, and even in 2 years time. Real world usage isn't like this test scenario. This test ideally needs to be re-run with the latest updates. To me the more important factor is whether you need 64, 128, or 256Gb of storage space.

  2. Guys theres no much difference b/w 8gb and 6gb but only go for 8gb if u need more storage..or if u think 64 is enough i say just blindly go for it.

  3. I've the 6gb variant, and works great for me. I've that habit of closing down the apps I'm done with, so I guess RAM isn't an issue for me. And I only play Pokemon go which as shown works faster in the 6gb one? Otherwise nice vid.

  4. I have the 6 GB version, and it seems extremely smooth and it is not buggy at all. I don't know about multitasking, because I'm a person who pretty much shut down all my apps completely Everytime I go out of them.