OnePlus 6 Android P Beta: Don't install it (yet!)

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ZOMG! Android P is available as a developer preview for the new OnePlus 6! Not so fast…

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  1. The phone looks nice and android p have some nice features, but too hard for me to get a phone like that and no phone right now to try Android P. Anyways. Great video man

  2. U gotta make sure u get a manicure at least once a month or cut those hangnails. It doesn't look good especially when you get close up on the phone and u are pointing in different areas. Just some constructive criticism. I felt everything else about the video is good to go!

  3. I figured this would be the issue. OnePlus still needs to go in and make the connections between the generic software, and their own oxygen OS. So the name of the game now, is how quickly they will… So here we are, back at square one.. Nice effort tho Google. 👏👏👏👏

  4. OxygenOS is a lazy ported bloated piece of shit OS, with unnecessary changes for the sake of just doing it, all while ignoring community feedback on what needs to be fixed. Still waiting for proper camera blobs. Still waiting for competent accent colors. Still waiting for useful customization of the alert slider. Still waiting for fixing of the ridiculous padding of the notification dropdown.

    Yet those that love OnePlus will kiss their ass, since they can do no wrong. Just look on their forum.

    Do yourself a favor and trash the OxygenOS and install OmniROM or LineageOS once they're available for this phone.