OnePlus 6 Can Compete With Galaxy S9, iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL in Camera

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OnePlus has started teasing the camera of the OnePlus 6. They have posted a bunch of pictures on their website comparing it to the best devices out there. One Plus 6 does indeed hold up pretty well against the biggies and it’s really hard to distinguish OnePlus 6 camera from others. OnePlus 6 will get official on May 16th and the price is rumored to be $555.

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  1. Why u don't leak the unboxing video of oneplus 6 before the launch just like karl did last year with oneplus 5t.. I will immediately download it????????

  2. It's easy :
    iPhone X : picture looks yellow
    Samsung S9 : too bright
    Pixel 2 XL : too much HDR
    OnePlus 6 : in portait mode, the person seems flattened on the sides


  3. No phone company will match google and samsung nowdays as they both kinda fight like shits to who is the best android phone

    i wonder what the note 9 will pack, just imagine some shit like a F1.1 aperture on a phone

  4. to be honest, one+ has always manipulated its geek bench score real camera photo shoot so I take these images as the huge grain of salt.and one thing I did not understand why oneplus always tried to compare himself with Samsung iPhone pixel camera and quality. one+ is like dormant company and lateral are Brand
    peace oneplus lover

  5. the new design is ugly starting from the notch until the back camera design I will wait until the announcement if it worth or not, till that time my Oneplus 5T will remain for sure ^_^