OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 5T: Worth The Upgrade?

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Wondering if the OnePlus 5T is worth purchasing over the OnePlus 6? Well, in this video we will answer that question and more that you may have. Enjoy!
▶ OnePlus 6:

▶ OnePlus 5T:

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  1. Seeing a lot of biased comments here.
    So let me sum it up for you:
    If you already have the 5T then there is no need to buy the 6.
    But if you are trying to upgrade from an older phone or are trying to switch to a OnePlus device from another brand then just go the OnePlus 6. It's better.

  2. The thing about notch is , it's an abomination that invades into your screen real estate and the screen at the both side of the notch are redundant since they have no value when watching full screen videos.

  3. I'm getting a 5t next Friday when I get paid i was gonna get the pixel 3xl but i am gonna get the 5t cause i love metal back phones and I'm still using the Nexus 6p and trust me it's time to get a new one i am running the last official build of ressurection remix 7.1.2 but i love the look and feel of a good metal phone and I'm gonna get the 5t and then get the pixel 3xl when the 4xl comes out lol

  4. I'm a Verizon customer, and their choices in phones are limited….it sucks. Even if I bought either phone (I'm ready for an upgrade) it's not compatible with Verizon.
    I refuse to pay $1000.00 for a phone. I could buy a OP6 and still get a full set of tires for my van.

  5. 5T prices don't seem to get lower… import 5Ts are still priced $430 for the 8/128 version!!!
    But man, the metal back is far way better looking and tougher than glass ?