OnePlus 6T 8gb vs OnePlus 6T 6gb Vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro 6GB Speed Test

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  1. The mate 20 might be faster than the OP6T, but it's twice the price of the OP6T and also won't be getting more updates probably. It's UI isn't too great either, so I think it's better to just go for THE OP6T

  2. The Mate 20 pro is an excellent device but the price and uncertainty of it being able to receive updates in the US in the future is a turn off for me. I wouldn't care if this phone came with a Quantum AI Ultra God PimpSlap Satan Slayer processor, 100gb of Ram, 30 cameras and was Lava proof, I'm not paying an arm, leg and 2 kidneys for it. OnePlus is offering a top tier fully optimized device for HALF the price !!!!!! The extra bells and whistles that the Mate 20 pro offers doesn't justify the EXTRA $600 price tag.

  3. Shortly after users got their hands on their new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, we've seen growing number of complaints about a strange display issue. Forums and social networks exploded and Huawei finally issued a response, but if you are one of the affected users, you might not like what it has to say

  4. Its obvious that huawei mate 20 pro has the best proccessor and chipset on market.kirin 980 with 7nm built.
    Based on the numbers it may be 6gb ram but has super speed compared to snap 845 10nm chipset even with 8gb. And thers no point in comparing op6t 6gb ram version cause its clear specs.

    Do a particular comparison with op6t 8gb and mate 20 pro with two fingers and precise timing.