OnePlus 6T Review: New Design, Same Price!

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OnePlus 6T: This is what happens when you teach an old phone new (design) tricks.
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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


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  1. I always wonder why the notch has to be in the middel and not just have a triangle shaped cutout, in the corner (or both of the corners) with the camera(s) in the cutout.

  2. Please can u tell me the decent time to charge 6t Bcoz we play games for a long period and battery went down easily. Charging for too many times a day is obvious not good tho

  3. Went out and brought this phone yesterday, Wow it really is so silky smooth! After using the Razer Phone for a year I have to say this is so refreshing. The price point also.. Just £499 is incredible! While I was in the store after using the OnePlus I Looked at The Samsung Note 9.. It actually felt so sluggish and bulked up with rubbish. Glad I made the purchase! Thank you for recommending this product 🙂

  4. The teardrop notch looks a lot better than the previous notch imo. Also not bothered about the delay with the in-screen fingerprint scanner. What I dislike is it seems you can't use the fingerprint scanner while the screen is off like the older models… couldn't they just make the scanner part of the screen light up when it detects input even if the screen is off like the gestures? Despite all that, I was still seriously thinking of upgrading to the 6T but then I heard the headphone jack is gone…

  5. I'm looking for a gaming phone and i'm looking at the 6T or the Black Shark Helo. Biggest concern for me is battery. I know on paper the Black Shark Helo has the bigger battery capacity but I've also heard a lot of praises for the 6T's battery life. Any suggestions? I have a Pixel 2 XL for everything else, so really just for gaming 🙂

  6. The 6T has the same price as an S9+ here, I am still not sure which one should I get… I know the S9+ has more features and the camera is the thing that appeals to me BUT which one will stand the test of time in terms of battery life and performance?

  7. I love your reviews but my God do you always sound so unimpressed! It's as though nothing ever satisfies. Like technology cannot move fast enough for you. By far of all reviewers you seem to have the best editing and showcasing. If only there were just a smidgen of enthusiasm. I get it's your personal opinion… But does it have to be so meh all the time!

  8. I just got mine. Switched from LG V30 to this one. Originally I was going for LG V40 but I am glad I choose this one. So far … Great phone with less the price.

  9. Apple:
    Heck, only fake files saved on the cloud. No modding! Too much ripoffs! No ability to play PC games!
    Well it's the opposite, except you still cannot play PC games
    Nvidia shield (android):
    You idiots! Just buy me and you'l be able to play litterally all PC games, on the go!

  10. just bought the one plus 6t . the phone is amzing and really fast .but the problem i get is on instagram and whatsaap for some reason the videos and stories appears blurry and low resolution.i don't know if it is some aspect ratio problem . anyone experienced that ? any fix?