OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max – Full CAMERA Comparison! [Disappointing Results]😲

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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max – Rear Camera (normal, wide and zoom lens) – Outdoor & indoor imaging, HDR, Macro, Portrait Photography; 4K, FHD, Slomo videography, Selfie Photo & Video quality compared.
OnePlus 7 Pro may be the best in performance, but in the Camera department, I’m quite disappointed! The last years iPhone XS Max still beats the OnePlus7 Pro in many ways, the dynamic range of the OP7 Pro’s camera is below par, OIS is also not as good, the color rendering could be better in some cases. OnePlus has reportedly announced a new update for the Camera, I’ll create a new video once the OTA update is released.

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  1. By default, OP7 does not take pictures in 48MP. There is also a RAW photo format which enables a lot of post editing options, so if you're into editing your photos, then the RAW mode allows you to bring back a lot of colors and details when editing.

  2. Mostly all looks the best camera phone to upload on social media…
    So the better colour saturated picture available on oneplus 7 pro.. but details not so good…
    Worth for money is oneplus 7 pro

  3. Guys I'm best example for
    Just OnePlus7pro photography performance👌👌
    Iphone xsmax not good as OnePlus7pro if you showoff just buy iPhonexs💥

  4. Personally owned XS Max myself. Used them for half a year now and I decided to let it go for 7Pro. To be honest, as good as the XS Max camera goes, you better not expect much from it if you're looking for some serious photography out of it. If you're just an average user who typically take couple of selfie, group pics, or videos on occasion, you won't regret the 7Pro. I'm not being biased since I owned both, but in iPhone you'd need to pay for an app if you into that 'photography pro' stuff. Also, I love XS Max camera personally, but I hate their stock app. For example, until this day I am being forced with that small aspect ratio for photo. Like what the hell, imagine the frustration when your friends wanted a group selfie and asked you to use your 'best phone' and it turns out you guys gotta squeeze to get in the picture? Maybe you won't meet this situation often but this has been bugging me over the last 5 years of being loyal Apple users. I've actually wanted to switch OS since owning iP X but no Android phone caught my eye back then. Thing changed when OP7 came. To be honest, I'm a simple user who prefer just taking out my phone and click for photos, and having a clean interface for simple use. But sometimes I tell myself I do want to customize my phone which wasn't possible cause iOS restricted me from it. The last time I enjoyed customizing it was on my 6S+ with jailbreak on. Glad I took the step to jump over to Android. Best OS hands down. Camera shouldn't be an issue cause I believe that OP will be rolling continuous updates on it, as Im sure you know the potential these lenses hold on the phone.. just needed the proper correction. Many worry about data transfer issue. That was never an issue for me cause I just made a backup on my PC with third party software where it backs everything except iOS apps in which I restored to my OP all the photos,contacts and so on. If you're in the same situation as I was, where you feel like being treated as a kid and are frustrated sometimes on Apple, then I'd say OP7 is your choice. You won't regret it, in fact it feels lottt better.