OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test (After Update)

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Here is my long awaited OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test. This is a great way to test the OnePlus 8 pro camera after update since the Oneplus 8 camera after update has improved significantly. The Oneplus 8 pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra is a big debate because of the huge price difference. OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max is also a great comparison because its the best from Apple and the best from Samsung. This comparison style lets me do the OnePlus 8 Pro camera review differently so let me know which one you want to see next. Oneplus 8 vs s20 vs iPhone who wins? For more oneplus 8 pro camera test subscribe!

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  1. Hi bro how are you?? I have one question who is best camera smart phone 2020 Huawei p40 pro plus, Samsung S20 ultra, one plus 8T, pixel 5 who is?? Your Please share your opinion

  2. Can you please let me know your thoughts on: Flipkart Big Billion Day is offering a ridiculous 39% discount on Samsung S20 plus in India and the OnePlus 8 Pro is still stuck at the same price. Considering the comparatively poor camera performance and the hardware/software issues of OnePlus 8 Pro and Exynos 990 chipset’s poor performance and inferior power efficiency of Samsung S20+….which should be the correct buy right now..?

  3. So I'm locking to upgrade my Samsung s 9
    I'm do lost I want the better camera but should I just hold of and cancel my pickup order on the ultra and keep my 500$ down for whatever comes out next year (3-4 months away) I read thinking 1400 must be the best camera but not so much🙇