OnePlus – New Beginnings Episode 1

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They say hardware is hard. Now you can see for yourself. #OnePlusNord #NewBeginnings.

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  1. I purchased ONEPLUS NORD 8/128 from Amazon at time of pre-booking and I am having bluetooth connectivity issue everytime it's voice breaks and suddenly device is disconnected to bluetooth headphones and that feels annoying
    This problem only fixed on rebooting my device again again.
    Not a single person from oneplus taking up my calls or anyone telling me how to fix this issue.
    Please oneplus look into my matter…

  2. My favorite smartphone brand in the world, proud user of a OnePlus 7 Pro here that I'll be using for years but when the time comes of upgrading to a new phone you can bet it's going to be a OnePlus!

  3. “There’s a huge change every 2 years.”

    Definitely talking about Apple and their product cycle.

    Redesign (6, X)
    S-Series (6s, Xs) Speed
    Camera Series (7, 11)

  4. OnePlus phone is really cool. I never use any OnePlus phone but I saw lot of review videos on OnePlus. It's features really awesome. 😍❤❤

  5. 100% hate people who have an issue with people taking notes in meetings. There can be a lot of reasons that it is beneficial.
    – Some people have attention problems, occupying an extra piece of their brainpower allows them to focus better on what has being said.
    – Some people will take more away from a meeting if they can rearrange the content into their own organisational style.
    – Sometimes the speaker is boring AF and you just need to do something, anything, to stay awake.
    – All of the above.
    It's honestly so disrespectful, either you trust your staff to listen and take you seriously or you don't. Whether or not they are using a laptop or a notebook is a non-issue, if you don't trust them you have bigger problems.

  6. This company's philosophy is really like Apple's philosophy, and I think this is a very good thing, given that Apple is offering the best user experience out there, at least for now.

  7. Your pre order system is a flop . Amazon could deliver my invite (which you said was 99 rupee but I was charged 139 rupees) but was unable to deliver the preorder. If you didn't want make a loss of ₹5000 , just don't offer it ,just don't cheat your followers.

  8. These YouTube reviewers just give there verdict in 5 to 10 minutes video but no one realises including the consumers what amount of time and enormous efforts go into creating a class smartphone! Thank You OnePlus showing us behind the scenes of The Nord Project an eye opener🙏

  9. Well this was kind of embarrassing showing off how any meetings looks like exactly with these self appointed shitty mannered rude wannabe managers micro managing their teams. Such companies never last long as valuable employees do not tolerate such childish behaviour against them for too long. Sad!

  10. You told us, you can test the phone. If you don't like the OnePlus 3 you can Keep the phone. That was good. Introduction, specially in india.