Operating Systems: iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone – Dialaphone

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Dialaphone compare the three top Operating System of 2011. iOS on the iPhone 4S, Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus and Windows Phone on the Nokia Lumia 800. To read the full comparison visit:

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  1. Well there didn't need to be any further explanation. Android has been beating iOS for a long time now and only an idiot chooses iOS. It's dumbed down and too restricted to be any fun. For tablets iOS just doesn't work. A tablet should be able to do nearly everything a computer can. Android and Windows especially offer this whereas iOS is again just a boring app draw with no flash support for browsing. The fact he has a Mac is just stupid. £1000+ on a machine that hardly works? Good choice…

  2. It's restricted because it allows absolutely no customisation and any form of customisation app is taken off the App store because Apple don't like it. For the price it is people should be able to do whatever they want, yet iPhone users always say the same thing. "If I jailbreak it…"

  3. I like having things the way I want. There isn't anything I can't do to my phone. If you check my videos you'll even see that I have Jarvis telling me my phone's been disconnected from the charger. As well as that gimmicky aspect it just allows for a better experience with the phone. More can be accomplished with ease.

  4. Nowadays it doesn't even have the most apps to choose from. It's OS is boring and old, it's hardware is outdated and it's the most expensive. iPhone 5 hasn't even caught up with Android phones from earlier this year, yet people want it? Odd…

  5. I prefer the iOS Operating system, therefore am buying iphone 5. I currently have a Galaxy S3 as I sold my old iPhone 4 in order to get this, and I regret it as the S3 android operating system is terrible, the widgets are a mess, and is nor very well organised like the iphone iOS, android just take in any apps and then sometimes those apps effect on the performance of the phone as my phone used to crash and freeze unexpectedly so many times. iOS is much more advanced than Android.

  6. not really, ios is just soo boring if you dont want to jailbreak, strict limitations suck!
    i know that coz i´m apple user since 3 years or so and now i am going to buy a nexus 4, its just awesome and much cheaper with high-end hardware.

  7. Most definitely agree, Ios users have no imagination, just look at iohone – the interface so boring and unengaging, Windows Phone and Android are on the other hand not as such

  8. Hi There

    You sound like an Android fan, and it’s a great operating system overall. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses and its interesting to see how they’ve evolved. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel you can find reviews of the leading smartphones of the moment, so you can take a look at which would be best for you.