Oppo Find 5 Easy Cover Case Review

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  1. they are giving this cases as a gift with the oppo find 5 for 399 $ at their site 
    i ordered it 4 days ago and just cant wait….

  2. How do you remove it? I tried it today but at home and work(basically everywhere but when i'm out) i take my covers out to have a better grip on the phone but I can't seem to find a decent way to take this off. It seems like it's so well attached I'd ruin the phone if I tried to remove it.

  3. Thanks for your reply Danny! I have another question for you: since the cover is Navy Blue and the phone Midnight Black do you note the difference between the two dark colours?

    I'm purchasing the phone later today and I still can't decide if I should get this version, but I'm afraid of the difference, or if I should get the red one.

    I usually get full black no matter what but the red + black phone combo on the website looks great and I could consider some color for once 🙂

  4. The cover is a great case but I am not a super fan of the cover cases. It is a great second case when you need a kickstand. Of course I always prefer using the phone naked.

  5. I had exactly the same which came with the first batch for free, but the plastic broke very fast and it was absolutely not nice to handle when taking a call…so i stick with meifeng case for now