Oppo Find 5 Review

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With this year’s Oppo Find 5, however, the Chinese company, established 2004, proved that it can make world-class phones in the hottest consumer electronics category at the moment.
Has Oppo managed to prove that in this day and age any nimble electronics company can use Android to make itself known by slapping together high-end components? Are a 5″ Full HD screen, quad-core processor and 13 MP camera enough to rank with the best out there? Read on to find out…


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  1. this phone is hot!!! i just ordered it an hour ago:) the thing i love about this phone is that it gets updates every two to three weeks! and fixes any bugs, camera, browser  scrolling etc. on the phone. the camera by now is amazing, maybe when it came out it needed a bit of work but right now everything including the camera is great! i can't wait to get it.

  2. People complaining about the camera need to realize that this is mainly a software problem, and can and will be fixed in due time.  These people send updates twice a month as well, so no worries there.  Also, the UI can be changed.

  3. I hace it, installed Maxwen's AOKP 4.3 and.. It is aweasome!!! Never had any problem with non-responsive screen or anything at all! 😉 A great phone!

  4. if the sony xperia sp was already amazing to play recent middle to high end android games, this one must be AMAZING with the 1080p/quadcore/2gb ram vs 720p/dualcore/1gb from the sp

  5. i compared due to the price here being almost the same and the oppo clearly having almost twice the power of the sp and having a sony camera which is amazing

  6. im split between this oppo find 5 and the sony xperia sp, but for the price and hardware oppo find 5 WITH sony camera its starting to sound like an obvious choice 😮

  7. hello
    I can not find anything about the recording audio quality .
    this is very important to me.
    I've had a iphone4 years. the audio quality was very good even at +90 db . 7/10
    Now, I recently purchased the nexus4. the audio with videos is worthless. 1/10
    I can not keep the nexus . I want to buy the otto find5 but now I wanna know how the recording sound quality is . also from the mx2
    there are no sample videos only with verry silant sounds.
    who can help me becouse otherwise I have no cho

  8. This phone is like a gorgeous blonde, pretty on the outside but as dumb as dog shit on the inside. The software is buggy the screen is non responsive and it is still in beta. Every firmware you can get for it is in beta. Stay away unless you want something to throw against the wall. Crappo find 5