Oppo Find 7 A – How to Root & Flash a Custom Recovery (& get Google Play Store if needed)

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This is my tutorial on how to root the Find 7 A from Oppo and flash a custom recovery.

If needed, you can follow this tutorial to the end and flash Gapps to get google play service /w the play store

Link 1: AndroidSDKSlim.zip

Link 2: CWM/TWRP

Link 3: SuperSU

Link 4: Gapps

To get an Oppo Find 7A

(To be updated)
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  1. i don't need tutorial but the down vol and power button works it but my phone was already in fastboot i just hold the down vol and power button and i was waiting for selections but it wont show so i just have power on and it's back to normal.

  2. it doesn't work for me because when I flash it , it's only looping at Oppo logo ? I have checked all toturial just same as you do but it just still a same issues. Can you help me how to solve it

  3. Hi, I am hoping you would be able to help me even though this video was made more than two years ago. Yeah I have followed everything in your video but after installing, I keep running into a bug "Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has Stopped" and a host of other apps has stopped. Could you help me out?

  4. u said if nothing shows (e01e4a9c) reboot your pc, re-install the drivers. "what drivers?" im using FIND 7A -christmas spectrum update. please reply THANKS!

  5. before you're link to android sdk worked, now you just game me malware. I'm in the middle of removing this. why would you link malware

  6. I had to use the command "fastboot oem unlock" as my phone kept rebooting into fastboot when I tried to reboot to recovery. Just thought I would mention it encase anyone has the same issue.

  7. can u help me sending a mirror link for google playstore. coz i cannot install any of the google apps. i tried many ways. and that link which is mntioned above dosent work. help me with this case

  8. i foolowed all your steps upto the part wher u off the phone and press the power button with thedown key and its came  and just showing oppo on te screen and nothing else .. iwaited but nothing..pls how do i get it back to its original state. pls advice urgently

  9. I followed the proceedings step by step until I get to the 3.49 from de the video.
    Then I cannot have access to CWM screen, but only to a black screen.
    I can turn to mobile and it works as usual, but all I get now when pressing "power+volume down" is that black screen. Is there a way to revert the process or going ahead succesfully? My Oppo Find 7 is Android 4.3, chinese model modified to international model. Please, give me a tip. Thanks.

  10. I keep hearing some people are having issues with flashing TWRP first,  and that you have to flash CWM first and then use that to flash TWRP. Is that true?  I don't really mind,  just one more step but I just want to know if that's the case.