Oppo Find 7 QHD Camera Review in 4K

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A look at the Oppo Find 7s QHD Camera features. The Intro and Outro were shot with Cyanogenmod Beta ROM. The camera doesn’t work really well which is why you see color shifting and also the light adjustment.

In order to get the best camera experience you must run Color OS.

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  1. sorry but the camera is no match for the nokia 1020 that has a true 41 mp sensor, this oppo only as a 13mp smaller in size sensor and fakes those 50mp pics so they dont look anywhere near as good as a pic with the 1020

  2. is it worth it to get the find 7 now? after one year of its release.. and.. i have concern for reliability of android phone , is it gonna be ok for next 2 years? cause my htc m7 is starting giving up! ( lcd partial dont responsive , the speaker is broke , the capacitive key is dead)  +Armando Ferreira 

  3. the buy link show find 7a, u sure this is find 7 u re reviewing? hahaha btw, it attract my attention, wow!! what a nice camera it got, , so far ur video is the best find 7 camera reviewer ever, thanks for the details too 🙂

  4. Looking to buy a new phone soon and I'm stuck between the Sony Xperia z3, galaxy note 4, iPhone 6 plus, and the oppo find 7. I don't need any fanboys arguing in the replies I just wanna know which phone is worth my hard earned money.