Oppo Find 7 – Specs

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  1. Awesome device! Especially the Specs from the WQHD version. I really like the Design language. Let's see if the Find 7 can beat the Z2 (wich is my favorite device right now). The only problem is that there is no 4.4 Kit Kat yet interms of Software (Just 4.3 Jelly Bean). And in my country it's kinda hard to get a Find 7 because no provider sells Oppo phones :/ So that's why i think i go with the Z2! 😉

  2. The only spec that I think is truly useful is the fast charging time (which is kinda needed with large 3000 mAh batteries). Everything else is unnecessary overkill.

  3. Hey chris.. You should check out the channel 'android authority' they have already managed to get hands on videos of the find 7 and the display looks really amazing (Y) you should definitely get one.. 🙂

  4. Looks very nice and will be even better with some customisations. I am using the Find 5 and it is still a very good phone with a 1080p display. I don't use colour os it's nasty.

  5. In terms of software that actually lacks a lot behind ,and I think the color UI sucks.
     And about the screen check out the Oppo 5 has a very good screen with great brightness

  6. +Android Authority did a hands on ..check it out as well!Love the phone!Let's see how much the battery lasts with that display!The Cm version of this phone would be awesome though!