OPPO Find 7 – Stock Android (AOSP) Lollipop tutorial

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How to flash the Stock Android AOSP Lollipop ROM published by OPPO for the Find 7 and 7a? Find out in this video!

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Video gear:
Camera: Sony RX100 III
Microphone: Zoom H1
Tripod: Coman CN-0
LED lights (white): Yongnuo YN300
Color LED light bulbs: Revogi Lightbulb
Color LED desk light: Revogi Candle
Color LED strip: Revogi LED Strip
Portable SSD: Samsung T1


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  1. Sir! can U help me fix my fucking problem? my only problem is I have the same phone as U are but mine was like only 0.99 Gb internal storage and I only got 300 fucking Mb left.WTF! so does this means that I need to trow my phone away and smash it around cauz I am fucking pissed off and planning to buy new phone. Pls sir be so kind to have some video related to my problem because I need to install something really important apps. Tyler sir I hope that u will read my comment and if that happen I will invite some of my Friends to subscribe and like maybe all of ur videos. Tyler sir for reading.

  2. Hi Martin,
    I have a question. I tryed to follow your steps on my phone, but had some problems. I copied the files to the phone, but they where not visable when i when into recovery mode. I made a backup and to go back to the previous version. Not everything was backuped. Why is it so important to wipe data and cache before installing recorvery_mode and later to v2.1.5i?
    I have a oppo find 7 x9076 running on android 4.3 colorOS v1.2.9i and want to upgrade to v2.1.5i. Can you please help me?
    Regrads Marcel