OPPO R9s Tips and Tricks

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OPPO R9s features double system – colorOS 3.0 and Android 6.0. This video introduces hidden features of OPPO R9s / OPPO F3. Share these tips and tricks of OPPO R9s / OPPO F3 with your friends. Most of these features also works on OnePlus 3. And get new and original Replacement Parts for OPPO R9s at if you need them.

OPPO R9s tips and tricks:
1. Satellite searching
2. OPPO Test Code
3. How to test LCD screen of OPPO R9s
4. OPPO R9s double system
5. OPPO R9s off screen gestures
6. OPPO R9s Screen Always on
7. OPPO R9s Screen Pinning
8. OPPO R9s Quick gestures
9. OPPO R9s screen magnification
10. OPPO R9s Fill SMS and contacts
11. OPPO R9s and OnePlus 3

*#8778# factory reset!
*#800# – Enter engineering mode ( previous version can view freezes)
*#801# – Engineering switch test mode (dangerous)
*#802# – enter automatically engineering TTFF GPS test mode
*#803# – enter engineering network test mode
*#804# – automatic disconnect test mode
*#805# – engineering bluetooth test mode
*#806# – engineering aging test mode
*#807# – enter engineering test mode
*#808# – enter manual engineering test mode (average user may best not to change anything , just look)
*#809# – enter engineering echo test mode
*#888# – view hardware pcb version
*#900# – test photograph RGB
*#06# – view this machine mobile communication international recognition id
*#99# – screen lights long bright
*#6776# – machine info
*#36446337# – test function instruction
Finally *#1234# will show your firmware version number.

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  1. Can you please assist how to delete all SMS in one time. my phone ( OPPO R9s) have tried to fill SMS and contact as the tutorial video. Then there are so many Unknow SMS ( from the test) , but when I clicked on "Edit" in order to look for " select all". it didn't change to "sellect all ", it just have "cancel". This allow me to select one by one, which is time consuming. Please help me out with regard to this issue.