Our Favorite 50+ Cases for iPhone XS Max

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Looking for a new case for your shiny iPhone XS Max? AppleInsider has collected more than 50 cases from the biggest names in cases to help you find the best one.
Buy the cases featured in this roundup:
Pad & Quill Bella Fino Folio:
Kerf Walnut Case :
RhinoShield Mod NX:
Sena leather cases:
Nomad Rugged Case:
Nomad Rugged Folio:
Nomade Rugged Tri-Folio:
Spigen iPhone XS Max cases:
Toast wood case:
tech21 Pure Clear case:
Incase Textured Snap Case:
Burkley iPhone XS Max cases:
Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1:
Incipio iPhone XS Max cases:
OtterBox iPhone XS Max cases:
OtterBox Commuter Series:
Totallee iPhone XS Max case:
X-Doria Defense Shield:
Pitaka Magcase for iPhone XS Max:
UAG Monarch case:
Alto iPhone XS Max cases:
Just Mobile Tenc Air for iPhone XS Max:

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  1. This video made me dizzy with all the blurring going on. I'm sure you're trying to make the video more interesting but it's just a little annoying. Still gave it a thumbs up because it's packed with information. And, it helped me pick a case. Thanks!

  2. 18:40 feminine skewing? Because it has flowers??? I’m probably gonna get that one cuz it looks fucking amazing with the gold iPhone. I don’t care what your preconceptions of what’s feminine or masculine, that’s a shitty comment tbh. Love you anyways.

  3. my fav case for xs max is the rhinoshield bumper case with the impact protection front and back. With a lanyard i can use the phone with one hand and have no worries dropping it.