P20 Pro vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Comparison – New Photography King

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The Pixel 2 duo from Google has been sitting at the top of the photography game for a few months now and the reason for that is the processing. However, it seems like Huawei might have possibly created a monster with the P20 Pro that is so far advanced in terms of hardware that it can beat the magical processing from Google. This is Sandeep and you’re watching the camera comparison of the Pixel 2 XL and P20 Pro on RevAtlas.

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  1. For those of you referring to deactivating beauty mode for front camera to access 1080p. I did get 1080p. I did disable beautify also that's what I mean as I've mentioned the sample came out as 1080p. But for some reason it shows only 720p as maximum option with or without beautify enabled even though it can actually take 1080p

  2. How much time does pixel 2 XL take for full charge ? some youtube video show 2 hrs 30 minutes …is it true ???? If I take Pixel 2 XL at the place of the Oneplus 6, is it ok ?????

  3. I think having 3cameras on the back is a nonsense.. google proved that you don't need 3-4 sensor to take good photos, and still there is no competition for pixel thats true on the selfie side too, side by side with p20 pro google's competitional edge pose more light from the shadows and preserve more dynamic range in highlights….
    Monster pixel2

  4. Looks like people cant absorbe the fact that a small company like huawei smashes the big giant google ? . People talking about pixel being 6 months old dont realise that when it was launched there were lot of issues that google sorted in thoes 6 months , p20 pro is still new and bugs have to be fixed