PART 1 – Apple Earpods from iPhones VS Samsung AKG Tuned Earphones

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Top of the line Apple and Samsung phones sells in Australia at around two to three thousand dollars. That is a lot of money spent. In return it is only fair to expect quality inclusions. Just the same way we would set the expectation with Rolls Royce or Ritz Carlton.

Question is, are we getting our money’s worth?
In this video we explore that question.

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  1. Hey, I have AKG earbuds, (the S8 model) and I want to upgrade. I'm looking for earbuds tuned for rock and metal music. I'm looking for something with great low-end and high-end and NOT so many of the high-mid range (I mean, those harsh 3-6 kHz frequencies) Can you recommend something under 30 dollars?
    I'm listening to bands, like Amaranthe, Crazy Lixx, Slipknot, etc.

  2. I feel obligated to say that although the AKG headphones don't have very good bass if you use an equalizing software you can get pretty excellent sound imho.

    Thanks for the surprisingly entertaining video as well, I found myself chuckling more than a couple times lol

  3. From experience, for the Samsung headphones I suggest generating heat in the rubber. This would make it stay in your ear for longer. Take formula 1 for example. They have a formation lap before the race so they can heat up there tyres. This makes it grip more to the tarmac track

  4. I believe there is somthing missing from this both should have been played from there respective devices as I dont realy know what apple has but the akgs mixed with Samsung's tuner that sets the music to your ears is way different than stock audio through the headphones.

  5. The cable quality of the Samsung looks better and the earphones themselves look much more comfortable, like aftermarket earphones. Great comparison, even better that you are one of the few I have found from a fellow Aussie perspective.

  6. I have a set of the Samsung earphones they sound great and there tough they literally survived going through the washing machine a few times because I tend to forget them in my pocket but I also like the Apple ones because they sit better in my ears.