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We’re hands-on with the new Pixel 2 – but how does it compare to the iPhone 8? We compare them both to find out. Let us know which you prefer in the comments!

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  1. If Sony's 835/oreo devices can beat iPhone 8, the pixel 2's will thrash it.
    Bench mark scores are seeming more and more bs, think manufacturers are optimising to show best score but doesn't ring true in real world tests I've seen, especially when using 3rd party apps.

  2. Unbox therapy blasted those front firing speakers….oh my God it's like the days of the mighty 6p/HTC beats have returned. Fuck the bezeless bitches when they sound that good!

  3. Wtf is housed inside that massive regular Pixel? An elephant?? ?.. Air? Gosh forbid a large battery? (No never..) ?
    Poor guy looks like a recycled iPhone 3G took a force fed V30 at the design lab.

  4. Pixel has a 5inch screen but it mostly only 4.7 as the navigation makes use of the bottom of the screen.
    And iphone 8 has wireless charging and the A11 bionic processor. So pixel 2 is better buy if you like a pixel. But i will choose an iPhone X over pixel XL .

  5. The Pixel 2 still looks quite big. And when you slap a case on it will be even bigger. I wish Google would release a 4.5-4.7" Compact version. I think Apple achieved such massive success because Mums, girlfriends and non-smartphone lovers in general could get a beautiful, powerful and compact device they can carry around. Pixel seems to be aimed more at geeks. I guess I will have to get an XZ1 Compact! Its the only option!