Pixel 2 vs OnePlus 6 vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Comparison ! Best Smartphone for Making YouTube Videos

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#OnePlus6 #GalaxyNote9 #Pixel2 Here we compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera against the all time fav Pixel 2 XL and best budget camera OnePlus. See which one is doing better.


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  1. One plus 6 video was better in 4k and 1080p 30fps. Also why would someone use such low light photography. Maybe very rarely. So not something I would worry about. Note 9 would get better I guess with software updates.

  2. Note 9 is only sharper, not better, in low light. 90% of your photos with the Note 9 are washed out or has some weird haze to them. Not to mention some are overexposed.