Pixel 2 XL Review with Pros & Cons – The Almost Perfect Smartphone!

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Google Pixel 2 XL Review with it’s Pros & Cons after a month of usage the Pixel 2 XL is powered by Snapdragon 835 has 4GB Ram a 6″ POLED Screen though it has just a single camera it provides portrait mode and I share my experience in this review.

Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X Camera

Pixel 2 XL Screen Colors & New Saturation Mode

Pixel 2 XL FAQ


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  1. I just bought a Pixel 2 XL last week and I can tell you this is the best phone I've ever used! Indeed it is almost the perfect phone! The phone performance is so smooth!

  2. Hi Ranjit,

    I have been watching the unboxing and pros and cons videos for newly launched mobiles and I really enjoy watching it. Thank you for making us informed about new smartphones launched every month.

    I would like to ask one question, that being I am planning to buy a new smartphone and my priorities being rear camera, games and videos. So which will be best suited, pixel 2xl or iPhone 8 plus or iphone X refurbished?

  3. Hello Ranjeet sir. I have encountered one error in camera while focusing to an street light. Don't know if it's normal. But I am pretty sure my iPhone does not have this issue. I am going to post some photos. Plz have a look and help me. It's been 10 days, I bought this pixel 2.

  4. Missing headphone jack ??
    Major con today too ??
    And even we don't have micro sd card slot. .
    How can we listen music while charging or if we have music in pen drive or etc. .
    That's why they had given 11000 rupees Bluetooth smartphone with phone itself. .
    Still mess to charge them also. .
    Barring these cons, everything is perfect ?

  5. Nexus 6p was last Nexus phone. I didn't recall anyone praising it's camera. So during one year what made Pixel to became best camera,even beating, I phone & Samsung's.