Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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It’s Google vs Samsung in a battle that could define Android. Check out our Google Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands-on comparison!

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  1. Id get the pixel 2xl if it costed 700 usd , any more and its not worth it with what it brings to the table… imagine the same phone if it were sold by lg or sony or htc and it costed 900 usd would u get it over something like the note 8 or iphone 8+

  2. Lol I haven't used wired headphones in years.better software? I think those phones you mentioned are using Android software, googles software!!! The s pen used it, never thought about it again lmbo. The note is good and the Galaxy s line but it isn't the Pixel! Floating windows Sammy got from multitasking an app that had been doing this for a couple years before Sammy implemented it, which is cool. My point the playstore is there to add more of what you want and if you don't just don't bother with it. Android already has split screen and PIP built in. Face it man, google does cameras better then the competition right now. It's going to get better being the pixel 2 has a dedicated built in SOC for image processing that will be utilized in the next update that suppose to make the camera better then it is now

  3. …Between these two, I would say go for the Note 8…Better build quality on the Note (especially after Zack's durability test on the Pixel 2), also there's always the S-Pen, and the presence of a headphone jack… True, Pixel 2/2XL have the best rated cameras and camera features around, and front-firing stereo speakers to the Note's single bottom-mount, but I don't like the build on the new Pixels, especially the LG G5-like rear coating, and the flimsy construction that allows slight bending and cracking of the unit's shell at one of the antenna lines…Not worth the $850-$900 asking price for the Pixel 2XL…You're better off shelling out the extra bucks for the Note 8…

  4. The Note 8 just gets better and better the more I use it. I believe the Pixel 2 may provide the opposite experience as the person who buys it discovers it's bugs, lesser quality screen than Samsung, and what do you mean you forgot to bring your audio dongle. I think LG could have done better for Google.

  5. I was going to purchase the Pixel but have decided not too after the reports of an inferior display and burn in after a short time. If things improve later on I may change my mind until then I’ll purchase and use a Note 8.

  6. If Google's "pure software" experience is gong to be their biggest reason to buy Pixel, I'll pass. Vanilla Google is just that; plain, boring, simplistic. I can wait a few extra tics of a second to have a more feature rich phone.

  7. lol pixel 2 because Samsung's are known to slow down a lot over time. The stock android has kept the last generation of the pixel fast and quick. No skin, pure goodness

  8. well… i know i am gonna get a lot of hate but.. thats what telling truth coasts u…. "These so called pixel lovers… when they will be given the oppertunity to pick one of these devices for free…. every single one of them will pick note 8. no matter they accept it or not… everyone knows…." end of conversation….!!!

  9. Love my panda Pixel 2 XL. Would grab it anyday. Had previous nots and atleast for my use case, the phone slows down within the first 6 months. Not worth it for the flagship price for me.

  10. Note 8 with the stylus definitely takes the lead. Plus it has expandable storage and a headphone jack (if u prefer wired ones). U have have picture in picture on note 8 and dual apps. Its a no brainer feature wise note 8 is much ahead. But yes with Pixel you get the pure experience. It will probably last longer with longer updates and a simple GUI experience. Given a choice I will prefer note 8. I am planning to trade in my Galaxy S8 for either one. Am leaning towards note 8 though.