Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS – Daily Driver CHALLENGE!

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The battle between the two tech giants leading the smartphone industry is here, and after giving Google a couple months to fix the lingering issues that plagued the Pixel 3’s launch, it’s time to finally put the Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max against Google’s 2018 lineup of flagships, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL!

Daily Driver Challenge videos are dual-review videos where I not only analyze each phone in various categories, but then I also see how they compare and which phone does the better job in each respective category. At the end of the video, I give a verdict on the winner of the Daily Driver Challenge, which will be the phone that I end up using as my new Daily Driver!

For the sake of making a shorter video, I had to pick and choose carefully what I wanted to say, otherwise this would have easily been a 1+ hour video. So, I couldn’t say EVERYTHING I wanted to say about every single thing on each phone, rather I cherry-picked the most important things to me and why they mattered, and how I arrived at the verdict that I did.

Google Pixel 3 XL Unboxing and Initial Impressions Video:

Apple iPhone XS Max Initial Impressions Video:

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks again for watching. I'm working on the last video of 2018, my Top 5 list for Smartphones in 2018 that will be out by New Year's Eve. After that, I'm going to take a break from Youtube for a while. It's been a blast this past year watching this channel slowly grow and develop as a community, but it's also been an enormous amount of work for each video I put out, and right now I've got a lot of other things happening in real life that take priority over this channel. It's not farewell forever, and I will return again in 2019, just in a much more reduced presence than what you might normally be used to. Anyways I hope you all had a great holiday and a happy New Years!

  2. Did you just said iPhone is better design 2:47? I've to disagree, iPhone XS has design as iPhone X but Pixel 3 has changed material used and made better looking device!! I'm disappointed here.

  3. I debated for a while between the iPhone X and Pixel 3, ended up going with the iPhone. I love the design and smooth performance.

  4. Just switched to the iPhone XS last year and the only thing I miss really is Google assistant because it is way better than Siri and I use it everyday. In addition I am really helium of the pictures the pixel takes. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone takes great pictures but the pixels camera software is amazing and I don’t have to edit the photos ever. The reason I chose the iPhone is I can easily communicate with both iOS and android users with iMessage and FaceTime or google duo. With a android I only can use sms and duo.

  5. The screen on the pixel 3 XL is a total joke, why do they have the bottom chin, and then a massive notch on the top? It makes no sense, it seems like Google does not get why other companies implement the notch. If you must have a notch? For Gods sake don't then go and have a chin on the bottom. Shame really because Google definitely seems to know the software part of things.

  6. The microphone for audio blows on the pixel line of phones. Who cares if they take minutely better pics if the video audio sounds like dog crap

  7. Question, how come this wasn’t matched equally? XS VS pixel 3? Or X Max Vs pixel 3XL. I mean it only seems fair since you compared display to display, etc. Did I miss something?

  8. I'm a pixel 2 owner. In my opinion Google is killing themselves with the pixel 3 series. I really like the camera on my pixel but if this is the future of pixel devices I'm going straight back to the galaxy family next time..

  9. Regular iPhone X's 64gb cost 1380$ it comes with 5w charger in the box so you need to spend another 100$ on fast charging and cases real estimated price of the phone is more or less1550$