Pixel 3 XL Review: Google’s 3-peat

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Here’s Jackson’s video on Night Sight!

The list of bugs and quirks for the Pixel 3 XL is definitely there. Google REALLY needs to step up their quality control game. But the good news is that most of if not all of these bugs can be fixed with software updates. Google’s been made aware, and they’re currently working on fixes. We’ll see what happens with this upcoming update! But as of now I must say that the Pixel 3 XL is a very good phone. The Pixel experience is so good, and the cameras…..do I even need to say anything about them? They’re excellent. Performance and battery life are solid, the screen and hardware have gotten much, much better from last year, and I think Google’s 3rd attempt is a great one. I DO NOT LIKE THE NOTCH! And I really hope Google does something about it moving forward.

For $900 the Pixel 3 XL remains competitive, and just might be the way to go over other options. And let’s not forget about the smaller Pixel 3! Still has all the great features of its bigger brother, but without the notch and for $100 less!

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  1. How can you call this phone great for $1000??? Pixel XL gives a similar experience for $200 and it has no notch. These reviews are so misleading