Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Photo Comparison – Pixel Dethroned!

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The iPhone XS Max’s camera is considerably better than last years’ iPhone X, but is it possible that it’s even better than Google’s new Pixel 3 XL? Our comparison of 40 different scenes shows that the XS Max is better 60% of the time. Check it out!

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  1. all the youtubers are praising pixal camera is best in any phone on the market and you are the only hell of a kid who says iphone capture better stable images than pixel in most cases
    i would say in today's world of technology their is no clear winner here all comes down to personal preference. i like both but in most of these pictures i found pixel is doing great job.

  2. You are a shitty reviewer come on man iPhone is also not that great and so does pixel 3. Each difference is warm and cooler tone. But the clarity in pixel is good and warmer tone in iPhone is good.

  3. he is apple fans and thats why. everyone see pixel doing a great job compare to the iphone. and maybe in some situation apple just a bit better. SOME SITUATION!

  4. Mothafuckaa ,, its all about iphones dynamic range , iphones contrast , iphones white balance iphone bla bla ?? this iphone fan guy ,, but reality is pixel is king of camera. The sharpness ,, details,, daynamic range ,, well balanced photos ,,

  5. When all great companies are kicking apple ass like Samsung, Huawei n Google then some one has to support apple even though he know from deep down under he suck but still do his job coz of his channel name plus apple pays him for making such videos…… Great job n keep up the great work coz your apple is going down now…..

  6. Worst camera comparison ever
    The pixel 3/XL has the best camera. The night mode on the pixel changes everything. He is just an iPhone fan. If you buy an iPhone, your wallet might not be as solid as it was before

  7. Is this real? Like s real comparison? White balance on the pixel looks far superior, detail is superior and he completely ignored the awful Trump like orange fsves in the portrait pics. Nah dude, u need a new job.